Couples Therapy

Helping you navigate the challenges of being a couple.

Couples Therapy


At the heart of the human experience is having relationships, especially romantic ones. Yet, being a couple is undoubtedly one of the most difficult, curious, and draining aspects of life, albeit also one of the most fulfilling and rewarding.

The bond between romantic partners can be the foundation of adult and family life. How we relate to our partner sets the tone for much of our happiness.

Yet, we do not receive much, if any, training on how to be in a relationship. We go to school to learn subjects. We receive on-the-job training. But when it comes to how we communicate and relate to our significant other, we are left to our own devices. And being a couple is not intuitive — we have to learn how to do this.

How can you learn the skills to cultivate a healthy romantic relationship? Couples therapy can help.

I work with couples to identify and address a wide range of dynamics that occur within a partnership. Using evidence-based psychodynamic therapy, we explore many themes in your relationship, including:

  • Communication styles
  • Co-dependencies
  • Sexual incompatibilities
  • Family dynamics
  • Parenting challenges

Successful therapy can:

  • Increase mutual respect
  • Boost affection
  • Create more understanding
  • Improve sex life
  • Increase closeness
  • Move past stalemates
  • Resolve old tensions and resentments
  • Develop resources and skills to address and manage future conflicts

By identifying what is not working and providing a framework on how to improve matters, therapy can save relationships. It can be the difference between spending a life together in constant conflict or harmony. When therapy works, people become happier, children see healthier role models, the home becomes more stable, and life in almost every dimension improves.